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"My drug test was stressful, thank you Clear Choice!"
Al V. - Toledo, OH

"I have used your Clear Choice products for years!"
Tim C. - Nashville, TN

"I was very worried about failing an upcoming drug test screening. I will always recommend the Sub Solution..."
Russ C. - Seattle, WA

"The Sub-Solution I used for my drug test worked perfectly and flawlessly!"
Joe K. - Buffalo, NY

"I researched preparing to pass my drug test and decided to use Clear Choice, AMAZING!!"
Valerie Y. - San Diego, CA

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Pass Drug Test


Pass Drug Test

As always, our 200% Guarantee on our entire product line exists! We are that confident you will pass drug test! Compare our product line to the competition. We have affordable and effective products for urine, hair and saliva drug testing. All of our pass drug test products have YEARS (since 1993) of research and development. Our entire product line is specially formulated to be completely undetectable. We have the most effective and up-to-date formulations in the industry! We are the industry leaders. Count on us to help you pass drug test... 200% GUARANTEED!

Which type of product(s) do you need for assistance to pass a drug test? Or simply browse below...

Unsupervised Urine Drug Test
Supervised/Unsupervised Urine Drug Test (Not Sure?)
Hair Drug Test
Saliva/Swab Drug Test
At-Home Self Drug Test Panels
All-Natural Detoxification

Pass Drug Test - Unsupervised

Instant Clean Add-It-Ive
Instant Clean Additive
99.9% Success Rate!

Spike Additive
Spike Additive
TWO 1.5 ml vials $125
99.9% Success Rate!

Sub-Solution Synthetic Urine
Sub-Solution (UniSex)
Synthetic Urine $99 $80
100% Success Rate!

Pass Drug Test - Supervised or Unsupervised

Green Clean
Green Clean 'One Shot' Concentrate

$60 $50
99.9% Success Rate!

Employment Drug Test
Rescue Cleanse Detox Drinks
oz. $60 $50
99.9% Success Rate!

Drug Test Marijuana
Rescue Cleanse Detox Drinks
oz. $75 $65
99.9% Success Rate!

Pass Drug Test - Hair and Saliva

Hair Drug Test
Hair Follicle Shampoo
Hair Follicle Shampoo
2 oz. $99 $75
99.9% Success Rate!
Saliva Drug Test
Oral Clear (Saliva Drug Test)
Oral Clear Gum
Neutralizing Gum $90
99.9% Success Rate!
Saliva Drug Test
Saliva Drug Test - Supreme Klean Mouth Wash
Supreme Klean
Mouth Wash $75 $60
99.9% Success Rate!

Pass Drug Test - Test Panels

Test Yourself for 1 Toxin
Single Panel Test Kit
Single Panel Test Kit
$30 $20
100% Detection Rate!
Test Yourself for 6 Toxins
Five Panel Test Kit
Six Panel Test Kit
$40 $25
100% Detection Rate!

Pass Drug Test - Natural Detox Tablets

Naturally Eliminate Toxins Fast
Pre-Cleanse Formula
Pre-Cleanse Formula
60 Capsules $40 $32
Daily Supplement!

'Quick' Product Overview

Unsupervised Drug Test

The Instant Clean Additive, Spike Additive and Sub-Solution are without a doubt the ultimate solutions for random and unsupervised drug testing. They have a 99.9% / 100% pass drug test success rate. These particular products are ideal for 'unsupervised' situations to pass drug test.

Supervised Drug Test

If your test will be supervised (or you’re unsure), you will want to use either the Rescue Cleanse Detox Drinks (16 oz & 32 oz) or the Green Clean. Reason being because your test will be 'supervised', you'll need to prepare ahead of time to pass drug test. These products are effective within 1 hour and keep you in the clear zone for up to 5 hours.

Hair Drug Test

In plain English, toxins can be detectable in your hair for as long as your hair is. This basically means that if you used toxins 6 months ago and still have hair on your head from 6 months ago, it will be detectable. Our hair follicle shampoo is known to be the most effective in the industry. It maintains an incredible 99.9% success rate. 1 unit is good for up to shoulder length hair. If you have beyond shoulder length hair, 2 units would be applicable to pass drug test…

Saliva (Swab) Drug Test

We offer 2 saliva/swab product options to pass drug test. Take a look at our Clear Choice Oral Clear Gum and the Supreme Klean Mouthwash.

Natural & Permanent Detoxification

To naturally and permanently speed up the process of cleaning your system to pass drug test, take a look at our Pre-Cleanse which is a daily supplement to speed up the process of naturally cleaning out your system 50% (or more) faster. This is a very useful product when preparing to remain abstinent and wanting to cleanse your system permanently to pass drug test that is upcoming.

At-Home Test Panels

At-home test panels to test yourself in the privacy of your own home, office, etc. Our test panels conform with NIDA/SAMHSA guidelines to provide a "positive" or "negative" result according to established cutoff levels. We have single and six panel kits that test for either 1 or 5 toxins. Use these to be certain you will pass drug test!

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