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"My drug test was stressful, thank you Clear Choice!"
Al V. - Toledo, OH

"I have used your Clear Choice products for years!"
Tim C. - Nashville, TN

"I was very worried about failing an upcoming drug test screening. I will always recommend the Sub Solution..."
Russ C. - Seattle, WA

"The Sub-Solution I used for my drug test worked perfectly and flawlessly!"
Joe K. - Buffalo, NY

"I researched preparing to pass my drug test and decided to use Clear Choice, AMAZING!!"
Valerie Y. - San Diego, CA

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Marijuana Drug Test


Marijuana Drug Test

1. How do I pass a marijuana drug test (or other toxins)?

Clear Choice has several products used to help you pass a marijuana drug test, cocaine drug test, etc. Some of the products used to pass are:


Add a chemical to disrupt the marijuana drug test. Great for a random marijuana drug test (or other toxin). Easy to use, additives are the most common method of defeating the urine test. Additives work in two different ways. Some act chemically to destroy toxins in the urine and some block the capability of the marijuana drug test to detect toxins in the urine. We have tested several additives currently on the market and believe that our additives are the finest products in the industry today. Clear Choice additive are very small and easy to conceal. Our additives will simply destroy all toxins on contact. We have additives that will work on the EMIT test or the GCMS test. They will even destroy prescription medications so you don't need to list prescription drugs you are taking. They are pH balanced and independent laboratory tests have proved negative for all drugs. Our marijuana drug test products have been on the market since 1993 and have helped many thousands of people around the world pass their tests. The formulas are constantly changed to keep updated with industry and remain undetectable. And as always, our additives main our infamous and original 200% money back guarantee!

Marijuana Drug Test (or other toxin) Detoxification:

Another effective way to detoxify your system to a threshold below the limits. We stock a complete line of marijuana drug test detoxifying products to help you such as our Rescue Cleanse Detox Drinks and our Green Clean 'OneShot' Apple Concentrate.

Synthetic Urine:

Our Sub-Solution is the ultimate solution for a marijuana drug test (or other toxin)! This unisex sample is perfect for men and women, and is completely undetectable clean synthetic urine. This unique patented heat activator is a brilliant invention that you can find only here in the world! 3 Easy steps to follow- this marijuana drug test product has a 100% success rate if the directions are followed precisely.

2. Is there anything I can do or say if I fail a test?

Yes! The tests companies use today are extremely flawed and unreliable. If you fail a cocaine or marijuana drug test, deny that you have used any illegal substance and insist that there must be something wrong with their test. DEMAND A RE-TEST! They should almost always offer you one if demanded. Many people who have never done any drugs test positive because the marijuana drug test (or other toxin) is not accurate. There are a list of "false positives" that can create a false test result here. We do have 'overnight shipping' available for a situation such as this.

3. How long does it stay in my system for?

We have a chart for detection time on all toxins here.

4. Is all of this stuff legal?

Yes! There are no federal laws governing your urine or your marijuana drug test. If you substitute, dilute, or alter your urine specimen, it is a matter between you and the employer. However, there are some state laws.

State Drug Testing Laws

New Jersey - It is illegal to sell or give away urine for the purpose of defrauding a drug test. It is also illegal (against drug testing laws) to attempt to clean or 'mask' your urine test with any types of our products.

North Carolina - The general assembly of NC enacted new drug testing laws on 12/01/02 that makes it a criminal offense to defraud drug or alcohol screening tests. Specifically, these drug testing laws prohibit the sale and use of products that are used to "adulterate a urine or other bodily fluids." The drug testing laws also make it unlawful for a person to "attempt to foil or defeat a drug or alcohol screening test by the substitution or spiking of a sample."

Nebraska Drug Testing Laws - It is illegal to provide, acquire, or use human/animal body fluids for the purpose of altering the results of any test to determine the presence of drugs or alcohol. Any employee who violates these drug testing laws is guilty of a Class 1 misdemeanor (You are guilty of the same law if you refuse to provide a body fluid or breath sample).

5. Any tips or suggestions for my marijuana drug test?

Whether you are using one of our products or not, you will want to drink as much fluid as possible and urinate frequently for a few days prior to your marijuana drug test. This is especially important when using our Rescue Cleanse Detox Drinks or the Green Clean 'OneShot' Apple Concentrate. Water, tea, soft drinks, etc. are fine. On the day of your marijuana drug test, cut back your fluid consumption to a normal level. Excessively diluted urine samples will cause suspicion. Never give the testers your first urine of the day. Toxins build up overnight and are heaviest in the morning. If possible, avoid using for your urine sample the first and last portion of your urine stream into the toilet. Only catch the middle of your urine stream for the sample. This portion will have the lowest amount of toxins for your marijuana drug test (or other toxin).

6. Are your marijuana drug test products made in the USA?

Yes, absolutely! Our entire product line is made in the USA and our orally ingested products are manufactured in an FDA approved lab under strict FDA guidelines.

7. Is overnight shipping available?

Yes overnight shipping is available! You'll see the option once you add items to your shopping cart at checkout for 'shipping type'.

8. I don't have a credit card! How can I order?

You can mail a check or money order to us here. If you would like to send a bank wire transfer, please email us for our bank wire transfer details.

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